Embed video in mac powerpoint

To preview the video, right-click, select Preview , and select Play. To play the video during your presentation, be sure you have an internet connection.

How to Embed YouTube Videos in Powerpoint – Mac

When the slide appears with the video on it, select Play. In the YouTube section, type a video name or description into the search bar and select Search. To preview the video in PowerPoint for Mac, select Play at the top of the frame. Share Pin Email.

Extract embedded video file from Powerpoint on OSX

You can only embed one video at a time. Under the video screen, select Share. In the dialog box, under Share a link , select Embed.

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A video frame appears on your slide. Remember, your video is online. Connect to the internet to view it. Alternatively, you can start with PowerPoint and use the following process:. Navigate to the slide where you want to place the video.

Playing a Video in PowerPoint on the Mac

On the next screen, select the video you want and select Insert. A video frame appears in your slide. If your presentation will play from a trade-show kiosk or other unattended hardware setup, choose "Loop Until Stopped" to keep the movie playing continuously. Set a poster frame for your movie to determine what shows as its preview image.

To select a specific frame, play the movie in PowerPoint and pause it when you reach the point you want to become the preview.

Open the "Playback Options" menu in the Movie Options section and select "Current Frame" to set the poster frame to the point at which you stopped the footage. Present your PowerPoint file, and use either automatic or triggered playback to start the movie. If you must start the movie yourself, click on the movie object to instigate playback.

Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. Video of the Day. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Click on the "Slides" tab in the navigation pane of the Normal view of your presentation.

How do I insert a YouTube video into Microsoft PowerPoint? - Tigerpedia

Step 3 Set playback-start options for your movie. Step 4 Set presentation options for the movie. Step 5 Set a poster frame for your movie to determine what shows as its preview image.