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Come leggere dischi Mac da PC con Windows

Verifica copertura. Tutti i prezzi sono da considerarsi IVA esclusa. Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni o per conoscere come negare il consenso. Se chiudi questo banner o accedi ad altri elementi della pagina acconsenti all'uso dei cookies. A group of friends will share their movie collections an a USB-connected 1 TB drive that they pass around amongst each other.

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Nobody wants to run special drivers for a filesystem. And even if your movie copy program results in a 1-for-1 copy then your ISO files will be 8. Sharing songs and sharing books and sharing software will yield files that are smaller than ISO movie files so the above example is the only one that really matters. The various ext filesystems are fine for technical people but do NOT forget about the non-technical people who populate most of the computer-using public.

It really is important that Microsoft Windows followers understand that there are many great technologies available today, outside their very desktop myopic view, especially with Internet and mobile networking — in which Redmond has a very small and insignificant position or influence. I would disagree with this position, simply from experience. USB 3.


Using NAS with NFS or Samba as the serving technology has overhead that further slows things down, even while they abstract away the filesystem used. You might as well be doing things with RFC Further, I may not have networking of any kind when I want or need to interchange.

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You stupid, smug cunt. This is about external drives and compatibility with various home operating systems, not some enterprise storage cluster with features only nerds care about. Seagate 1TB 2.

All those commenting who advocate NTFS are obviously Windows only users, and do not realize the world has moved on in regards multitude of Media server requirements. One would hope that the realization that this is an on-going problem would spur further work on developing open source OS-specific drivers for the various file systems.

Hackintosh High Sierra: come installare macOS High Sierra 10.13 su qualsiasi PC

Paragon does seem like a good solution, but really support should be transparent. While support really should be transparent, in reality that is very difficult. Each OS vendor has its own reasons for the filesystem s it can use, and not use. Not what I would like to see, but reality.

I have a lapbook pro with OSX and dual boot windows 7. The UDF file system is installed in one of several partitions of my external hard drive and I can write to and read from both systems. The problem I have is that the UDF partition must be manually mounted from the terminal session in OSX, but mounts automatically as a drive in windows 7. Would be great if some of you could collate a bit of tech infos for the various manufactures.

Their own documentation never mentions which filesystem formats are even supported. Happened before, and will happen again … unfortunately ….

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Windows XP needs a third-party utility to write to it it can read it , but Windows Vista on up, the last several OS X versions and Linux particularly 2. Your Comment. Name required. Come funziona? Riavvia Riavvia il Mac. Guarda e scoprilo da solo! Funziona con macOS Catalina?

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