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Cameron D Junior Member Posts: But Good D-Tools - Very expensive and no download demo. Does anyone know of any more? October Drafting Software For me, nothing beats good old fashioned AutoCad with custom created blocks and templates. Speaking of capabilities, for what I use it for in this industry, it probably only scratches the surface of its full potential.

I have worked with demos of the other programs you listed, but was not overly impressed.

I suppose that if a company does not have anyone that can use AutoCad, these other programs may be a more user-friendly process to get the job done. Charles Law Junior Member Posts: Visual Architect could be another choice. DHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4, The jury is still out on VA as far as I am concerned. When I get to play with it some, I'll decide. Meanshile, I use Visio - mainly because it's what the company purchased however many eons ago they did, so that's what's available to me still runing version D-Tools is simply a front-end for Visio; we tried it out, but the learning curve was too steep for those involved in the decision making at that time, so it never happened.

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August 5, by audioXpress Staff. Since Apple changed the connector in the most recent iOS platforms, Oscium has been working to bring native Lightning compatibility and the iMSOL is the solution to the connector change. August 2, by audioXpress Staff. The new intercom solution uses multiple license-free bands from 1.

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Currently stocking the full Leather Grip range they have plans to offer the entire range on their new website and in store later in the year. Their years of hands-on rigging experience and direct knowledge of the market will be of huge benefit for the development of new and existing Dirty Rigger products. UK - Emergency lighting is an obvious requirement during an evacuation situation, but what if the cabling from the power source to the point of use is damaged?

A centralised system leaves critical emergency lighting at very real risk. Why leave huge lengths of site-wide cable vulnerable to theft, fire damage or a system circuit failure when 'point of use' power system installation can provide the guarantee you need in an emergency?

Stardraw design

Protected with features to enable operation during an emergency, the ELPS will allow for safe and controlled building evacuation, by providing power to emergency lighting at the point where it is actually needed. With one, two or three feeds the system can stand in operational modes Active Online, Automatic Standby or Manual Standby - by means of authorised key switch use. Although the system can be configured as a central system, positioned locally to the point of use, the ELPS can simultaneously power Designated Evacuation Lifts, Emergency Lighting and Smoke Extraction fan motors for refuge areas.

Artistic Licence has been designing and manufacturing lighting and lighting control technology for nearly 25 years. However, with the growth of the architectural lighting market, its technical integration services have been in ever-increasing demand. As a result, in , Artistic Licence Integration was created to focus on the projects side of the business. At ARC , ALI will be showcasing its expertise in a broad range of technical integration services, while also highlighting low carbon approaches to lighting and building management.

These include the use of power and data harvesting techniques to ensure efficient building and lighting operation.

Our Customers Include

In close collaboration with its sister products company, Artistic Licence Engineering, ALI will be previewing new products in its integration portfolio - Diamond, Crystal and Zircon. ALE's managing director, Simon Hobday, will be on hand to advise on products and technology. The move towards a carbon-friendly future is highly significant and exciting. All are LED-fitted fixtures with multiple applications for multiple settings. At a MVP 18 features a pixel pitch of The panels share the same mounting hardware and can easily connect to form an LED video wall of mixed resolutions.

TheStereo VideoMic Pro builds on the features of the popular VideoMic Pro by using a matched pair of high sensitivity, half-inch cardioid condenser capsules in a coincident XY pair. Designed for videographers, as well as recording music and atmospheric ambience, the Stereo VideoMic Pro has an ergonomic form factor perfectly suited to DSLR, consumer camcorders and large sensor video cameras.

An integrated shock mounting system is also provided to offer isolation from vibration and mechanical noise. One 9V alkaline battery provides over hours of continuous use. Lighting booth The BlackBox G4 MK2 is the new and updated version of the industry standard of wireless lighting control for installation and rental applications. The company spent months listening to feedback from clients all around the world and consulted with lighting designers, rental companies, stage managers, production managers and service departments to collect the most important feedback "to generate the most professional wireless product on the market".

The MK2 has an advanced aluminium mould in a heavy-duty design that will be robust enough for long-term use. This is a silent and flicker-free fixture suited for noise-sensitive environments and on camera, the company says.

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Lee Baldock. At booth , one of the latest additions to the compact E-Series, the E4 loudspeaker will join the T10, a loudspeaker that "with a twist of the wrist encompasses both line array and point source technologies in a single package". During the session, Waggoner will use demonstrations and experiments to guide his audience through the principles of acoustics, from the loudspeaker to the listener's ears. The seminar is open to all and free to attend but please arrive in plenty of time as admittance is gained on a first-come, first-served basis.

Items on display included lightweight multi-channel amplifiers, signal processing and mixing products from the MT Audio range.

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