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One of the more important functionalities of the calculator is that it gives you the ability to view the percentages that each player has in winning the hand you are analyzing. This can also be referred to as your equity in the hand. And if you find that the in-game calculator does not serve you sufficiently, you can always opt for an app or a manual poker odds calculator. Poker odds calculators have also been conveniently made available to you via apps. These are desktop widgets that have all the features of the online poker odds calculators.

Having poker odds calculator app means you can be able to calculate winning odds on the go! You are also able to easily and quickly calculate your odds with just a few clicks of your mouse. The poker odds calculator for Mac is the ultimate tool for online Mac poker enthusiasts. It is your best option when you want to calculate your odds of winning a poker hand, and is no doubt one of the most useful tools you can have for online poker action.

At the end of the day it is the tool that will ultimately help you to optimize your hand play and maximizing your profits.

Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator

I ran the software with a couple of FullTilt sit n go's, liked it, then entered the 10k guarantee at 4 a. Congratulations, again! I took screenshots to prove it!!! Tournament Indicator is the best, most user friendly, and intuitive poker software that i have tried. You guys ROCK!!! I attached my screenshots for you to see.

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I will be purchasing Tournament Indicator later today and intend to use it as my primary "poker assistant" software. Thanks again. Dan - USA. My poker play was average until I have found your Tournament Indicator.

Now I'm playing almost like a pro. I tested it yesterday on a tournament where I made the final table And I have to tell you I could not believe it.

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I am sure that this tool will improve my play by a mile. Keep up the good work and sorry for my English. Sandi - Slovenia.

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Hold'em Odds Quizzer. Learn how to estimate the odds for just about any Texas Hold'em scenario in your head in real time.

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Take challenging odds tests to improve your understanding of Texas Hold'em odds. For serious poker players that have an iPhone, this is [a] must-have application. Using these two tools can and will increase your poker IQ and should therefore improve your results. The Poker Cruncher apps are renowned for being the most professional available. This is your single best chance of becoming a better poker player without losing money.