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Be reminded, though, that this setting is only applicable for spellcheck purposes. This is not applicable as a function for your input language.

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If you need United Kingdom English to be your input language, you have to download a separate language pack to add to your default ones, which is American English. This will automatically open your Windows 10 settings app, where you can download the language pack you want within the Control Panel. However, this is not necessary if your only purpose is for spell checking your words.

How To Change System Language in Mac OS X

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PowerPoint will trigger the following warning, as this setting will alter not only the behaviour of your presentation but also the proceeding ones:. PowerPoint opens a complete menu that allows the user to customize PowerPoint use of languages and dictionaries. This menu has the same effect as the one described in Step 2 with the difference that also allows configuration of keyboard layout and default language, all in the same window. The user is able to configure language priorities through the preference order in the list.

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Once the Spell Checker is triggered, the engine will review the Presentation Text Boxes, looking for grammar or spelling mistakes in the configured language. A Popup will appear with the list of available proofing languages installed. As in the Windows version, this proofing language will apply for the selections you made previously Text boxes, Slides or whole presentation.

Once the language is selected the user can trigger the Spell Check Through the tools Menu. The actions are almost the same in both PowerPoint versions, but not having the option in the Review Ribbon has proven to be confusing for some users, and that why we prefer to make the clarification. The tools is so powerful that allows several proofing languages in the same presentation.

Make sure to have the required proofing dictionaries installed. Filed under Tutorials.

Word for Mac: Changing the Dictionary to a Different Language - dummies

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