Bluetooth address vs mac address

Hi Eng, Essentially, static address is a random address while public is not.

MAC address

From Core Spec: Best Regards. Locked Cancel. Do you have another question? Ask a related question Ask a new question. Prodigy 20 points. Feb 21, In reply to J Lindh: Could you please provide the correct link.

What is Bluetooth Address (BD_ADDR)

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Jan 24, 1: Dear Joakim Lindh what's the risk when i use a static address? Prodigy 30 points.

Bluetooth Address Structure

Apr 2, In reply to Lee Leon: The TI guy has this marked as solved so he's not looking any more. Maybe I can help. As I understand it: The link-level "Access Address" on an advertisement may be: MAY change when chip is rebooted, otherwise unchanging.

The rest is just a bit random number that changes every few minutes or so. The rest of the most significant half is a bit random number that changes every few minutes or so, the other half is a bit hash of it by a bit Identity Resolving Key IRK. The key is that peripheral's identity. If it doesn't have the peripheral's key, it can still connect if it passes any other handshake checks.

But once it's disconnected again and the random number changes, it loses track of the peripheral, which is now a "new peripheral" to it again. I think the main risks with a private static address are: Do they both have to be unique?

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  4. I've read that changing the bluetooth address affects the mac address? Is it possible to have a different bluetooth address, but the same mac address?

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    What you are referring to Bluetooth Address is what more popularly known as static address which is a randomly generated address while the MAC address is unique and public. Whereas, A static address is a bit randomly generated address created considering these requirements:. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

    The MAC address is divided into the following two fields: Whereas, A static address is a bit randomly generated address created considering these requirements: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Do Bluetooth devices such as phones, headphones, wireless speakers, televisions have MAC addresses also. If a phone or other device like a television has more devices that can receive MAC addresses do they have a different MAC for each device?

    From what I know Ethernet protocol runs at level 2 the data link level.

    Mac address unavailable bluetooth address unavailable expert solution .

    If those other devices have a MAC that means that MAC is not in any way associated with the ethernet or internet protocols and is completely independent. Bluetooth devices are assigned addresses similarly to Ethernet - an organizationally unique identifier OUI of 3 bytes followed by another 3 bytes assigned by the vendor.

    What is Bluetooth Address (BD_ADDR) | Bluetooth MAC Address Changer for Windows

    Bluetooth OUI lookup tools can be found on Google. Each device on a Bluetooth network has its own HW address just like Ethernet. The Bluetooth specification actually lays out both L1 and L2 and, like Ethernet, allows for multiple upper-layer protocols to be mapped ex: