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When used alongside other security best practices, such as hardening the OS, applying firmware passwords, and implementing Profile Manager policies, end-users are further limited in what they can do and the avenues available for casual users to gain access to administrative-level accounts is significantly reduced.

Delete a user

Note : For the process to work, the hidden account to be created cannot previously exist. First, log in to the computer with an admin-level account.

No Admin Account on macOS Mojave/High Sierra? Here's the fix

Launch Terminal and enter the following command, authenticating when prompted to do so:. Right-click on the newly created user account and select Advanced Options From the advanced menu, we will modify two bits of information: UserID and Home directory.

Major vulnerability in Apple's macOS provides System Administrator access with few instructions [u]

For UserID, enter a number under Bear in mind that this number must be unique for each user. Once these have both been changed, click the OK button to save Figure B.

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Include archived documents. Create and delete users in macOS Create a new user To allow users to log into your macOS computer, create an account for each of them. They can access user files and do most day-to-day work, but as a rule, standard accounts are prohibited from making serious or permanent changes to the computer.


Non-admin accounts can be locked down in a variety of ways. With user controls, administrators can place much more severe restrictions on user accounts.


This runs the gamut from prohibiting certain applications and URLs to setting a daily time limit. Admin accounts have absolute permission to do pretty much whatever they want with a machine. And as the owner or primary user of a hardware device, it might make sense to use an admin account as your main account.

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  • But this has some security risks associated with it. If malware is installed under your user account, the malware can do anything that you can do.

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    So the more permissions your user account has, the greater damage the user account can do. As a result, the restrictions of standard accounts work in your favor should an adversary or malicious program gain access to your account. Your computer needs at least one administrator to make system changes.

    If you already have a secondary administrator account for some reason, you can skip creating the new account. You can add this later. Windows Home users may not see this step.